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Good Tips For Purchasing Used Boats

Good Tips For Purchasing Used Boats
By Victor Epand

If you have decided that you want to buy a boat but you don't want to pay the full price for a new boat, a used boat may be a good option. However, you need to take your time and shop very carefully when buying a used boat. A used boat will cost less than a new one and may come better equipped, but there may be expense in repairs and upgrades. A used boat can be researched to check its record of performance and reliability.

If you decide to purchase a used boat, you can shop by browsing classified ads in newspapers, magazines and on many websites. There are also many dealerships that offer used boats that they have taken as trade-ins. Sometimes a dealership may offer a limited warranty on a used boat. Also, it is likely that the dealer has serviced the boat to some extent to make it ready for resale. Once you have spotted a boat that you think you might like to buy, the following paragraphs tell you what you should do.

Test Ride - Just as you would take a used car for a test ride before you buy it, you should do the same with a used boat. If you are new to boating and not sure how a good boat should handle, you should take someone with you who is more familiar with boats.

Maintenance History - You should be able to check the maintenance history of the boat to see if there have been any major repairs. Generally a boat that has had major repairs will eventually need more repairs. Also ask if the boat is under warranty.

Hull Condition - You should take a walk around the boat a couple of times to inspect the hull. Feel free to tap on the hull while your walking around it to see if it is consistently solid. If you see mismatched paint, that could be a sign that the boat may have been in an accident. A boat that has been in an accident is likely not a good deal for you.

Extras - Its always nice if the owner of the boat will throw in a few extras along with the boat, such as life jackets or anchor. If your lucky, a stereo might already be on the boat ( but don't count on that). Sometimes extras may be a deciding factor in your decision to purchase a boat.

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